FFIf you are...

⊳ a school with a progressive-minded teaching staff and proactive students who would like to launch a new educational project or develop existing one;

⊳ a company whose management and employees wish to help Belarusian education due to various social-educational projects, do it in a targeted manner and see the result,

then we invite you to submit an application and take action!


Association “Education for the Future” supports educational initiatives of schools that are aimed at developing STEM-dimensions, promotion of science, IT-sphere, invention activities and entrepreneurship.

It could be:

✧ Opening of a STE(A)M-center at a school. What are STEM, STE(A)M-centers and what centers already exist in Belarus, you can find out from the article. To equip its own STE(A)M-center, a school can submit an application for seeking support using the template below, or receive support from companies where its graduates work.

✧ Development of a standard STE(A)M-center or Junior STEM-center already existing in a school, increasing the level or diversity of its technical base, improving the qualifications of its teachers.

✧ Providing the existing project or interdisciplinary training laboratories with new technical equipment.

✧ Providing new technical equipment for schools facing an acute shortage of equipment for the curriculum or additional classes.

✧ Conducting educational hackathons for teachers or students, the ProIT regional career guidance conference for schoolchildren, the ProSTEM conference for teachers, etc.,

✧ and also something else completely new for us, but very useful and interesting for Belarusian education.

We expect that the projects supported by the Association “Education for the Future” have the following characteristics:

✔️ develop over-professional skills and abilities, project thinking and operational mindset;

✔️ activate a public request for specialists in high-tech industries;

✔️ aimed at students, teachers, parents, organizations of formal and non-formal education;

✔️ have the potential for growth and scaling;

✔️ provide equal opportunities for their participants regardless of social, geographic, gender and financial factors.

If you would like to launch an educational project in your school or you are already implementing it, but for this you need financial support, organizational assistance or consultation, please fill out the application template (Zayavka_na_podderzhku_2020.docx), detailing your ideas and plans. Applications that are not made according to a template will not be accepted for consideration.

As an example of filling out the template, we offer you the following sample (Obrazec_Zayavki_na_podderzhku_2020.pdf), in the Appendix to which you can see the Approximate list of equipment for projects of various directions. Please, use this example only as a formal sample that should be filled with original content that reflects your real request.

Please send your completed template by e-mail to the address of the Association “Education for the Future” educ4future@gmail.com (the subject “Заявка от УО” is obligatory). Then we will contact you to clarify the details.


✧ Your company can help any Belarusian school to implement its educational initiative. At the moment, we already have a list of applications from schools that require support. This list will be updated as new applications will be processed.

I. The applications, made by the schools that with the support of the Association “Education for the Future” have already opened STEM-centers with a standard initial set of equipment for classes with children in grades 5-11. These schools have accumulated considerable experience in STEM-education and strive to develop their STEM-centers conceptually.

Name of school
Type of support

Borisov School No. 20
reinforcement of technical equipment
robotics, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), project laboratory

Borisov School No. 24
reinforcement of technical equipment
robotics, UAVs, 3D modeling

II. The applications from the schools, where Junior STEM-centers were opened with the support of the Association “Education for the Future”. These centers are designed for classes with children in grades 1-4. Both teachers and children really want to equip their center to the standard one, to be able to continue STEM classes in the center after the fifth grade.

Name of school
Type of support

Secondary School No. 13 of Brest named after V. Khovan
reinforcement of technical equipment to the level of a standard STE(A)M-center
STEM classes for elementary school (Scratch programming, robotics for beginners)

III. The applications from the schools that are in dire need of the technical equipment for the implementation of the curriculum or additional classes.

Name of school
Type of support

Gymnasium of Drogichin
reinforcement of technical equipment
robotics, projects in the natural sciences, 3D modeling

Radoshkovichi, urban village of Molodechno district

Radoshkovichi Secondary School
reinforcement of technical equipment
Scratch programming, Code Club for children 9-13 years old

Krasnaya sloboda, urban village of Soligorsk district

Educational and pedagogical complex kindergarten-basic school "Krasnoslobodsky"

equipment renewal
Center for creativity of children and youth in Dzerzhinsky district

reinforcement of technical equipment
Vysokoe, Kamenetsky district
Vysokovskaya Secondary School

In addition to these support options, your company can independently choose any school in any region of Belarus and open an STE(A)M-center there. What are STEM, STE(A)M-centers and what centers already exist in Belarus, you can find out from the article. When choosing a school, you can focus on the schools familiar to you: for example, via mass media, from firsthand experience of your employees (perhaps someone is a graduate of the school). If you have difficulties with choosing a school, we can help you.

The creation of a STE(A)M-center requires support for:
✔️ purchase of an initial set of technical equipment for demonstrations and presentations (projector or LCD TV with a bracket), teaching programming (laptops, mice with rugs) and robotics (robotics kits), as well as, possibly, additional equipment at the request of the school to create its own specialization  (for example, a 3D-printer, graphic tablets, a camera, etc.);
✔️ refresher courses for teachers of the future STE(A)M-center;
✔️ organization of the STE(A)M-center grand opening.

If you would like to help a school, whose requests and ideas resonate with you, or open a STEM-center at any Belarussian school, write us an email to educ4future@gmail.com (the subject “Заявка от компании” is obligatory). In the text of your letter, please indicate the name of the school you have chosen and the type of your support (technical reinforcement; opening of STE(A)M-center; participation in a career guidance event, for example, ProIT, Prof-Vacation). After you submit your application, we will contact you to discuss the details.

We are waiting for your applications!