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In 2019, the Association “Education for future” operates in three main dimensions, which correspond to a general strategic course of the organization.


In 2019, the Association “Education for future” continued a project on creation of a network of STE(A)M-centers in Belarus. The STE(A)M-centers are technically equipped classes in institutions of general secondary education, which are free to use by pupils, interested in exact and natural sciences engineering, technologies and art. The specifics of classes held at STE(A)M-centers is established by the principles of connection between subjects, project-based and practice-oriented nature of learning, student's active position.

During 2019 13 STEM-centers in institutions of secondary education were created in various cities and villages of Belarus: Baranovichi, Brest, Pruzhany, Sharkovschina, Pinsk, Bobruisk, Rassvet, Svetlogorsk, Drahichyn, etc. 10-STEM centers were opened according to the results of a competition “I want to study in a STEM-class!” of 2018. At the moment in Belarus there are already 20 STE(A)M-centers opened with the support of the Association.

There are special Junior and STEAM-centers. Junior STEM-centers differ from standard centres on a set of basic training equipment and they are useful for children of primary classes. Junior STEM centers were organized in Brest secondary school No 13 and Pruzhany secondary school No 1. STEAM-centres (currently are opened in the schools of Baranovichi, Dubrovno, Drogichin, Dzerzhinsk, Soligorsk, Molodechno) include Art-component in education process: here students can practise creativity associated with modern technologies: digital music, digital painting, journalism, creating photo reports.

The Association facilitates that STEM-centers are assigned to companies-curators and thus can get an expert evaluation of their activities.


In October 2019 by the Association “Education for future” launched an analogue of a project “IT-Vacation” under the name “Prof-Vacation”. Its the first season was held in November 2019. To conduct career guidance in Belarusian regions several conferences ProIT (in Bobruisk, Mogilev, Mozyr) were organized.

From the 9th to 17th of August, 2019 the Association “Education for future” together with company EPAM Systems conducted a social-educational seminar “Junior Ignite Camp”-2019 for teens from the Mogilev region. During the seminar the schoolchildren were able to pull knowledge in foreign languages, programming, robotics and public speaking, as well as to get the real “School of entrepreneurship”, having worked on their own projects from idea to product presentation to “investors” in the format of a role-playing game.

VII Minsk Open RoboTournament, the most massive in the history of Minsk RoboTournaments and other robotics competitions in the Republic of Belarus, was held in 2019. From the 31st of May to the 2nd of June at the VII Minsk Open RoboTournament 1,200 robotics technicians from 62 cities of Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan fought. In addition to the competition a program of the VII Minsk Open RoboTournament included the Exhibition of educational technologies and Maker Fest exhibition.

In November 2019 the Association “Education for future” launched an international project “Educational Robotics Cup”. “Educational Robotics Cup” is the series of seven robotics tournaments in different cities of Belarus. Pupils, students and adults from Belarus and other countries can compete. In 2019, there were three of the seven tournaments in Pinsk, Minsk and Gomel. It is planned that the project will be completed in VIII Minsk Open RoboTournament in June 2020.

The Association “Education for future” provided support for visits of Belarusian schoolchildren and students to the World Robot Olympiad and the international robotics competition Robotex International. At the World Robot Olympiad (from 8 to 10 November 2019) in Hungary guys, who played in “Regular Elementary” category, showed the best result for all the previous performances of Belarus at the WRO, finishing in 10th place out of 92. At the Robotex International (29 Nov - 1 Dec) Belarusian schoolchildren won the third prizes in the categories of "Lego Line Following" and "Girl's Firefighting".


In 2019, the Association held several regional conferences ProSTEM on STE(A)M-approach in Belarusian schools. These conferences, which were useful for teachers, methodologists and heads of educational institutions, took place in Sharkovshchina, Soligorsk, Bobruisk, Dzerzhinsk, Mogilev, Orsha, Mozyr and Drogichin.

For robotics teachers Association organized an educational program to visit the schools in Latvia and Estonia within the framework of a trip to the Robotex International - 2019. The Association also assisted in the visit of Belarusian teachers to the international conference on new educational technologies “EdCrunch” in Moscow on 1-2 October 2019.

With the support of the Association “Education for future” three groups of teachers from the different Belarusian schools with STEM-centers, completed the continuing education courses at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University on a programme “Basics of educational robotics for its implementation in extracurricular activities programmes”. At the beginning of 2019 a meetup for educators “Games and learning: practice of realization” and research meetup “STEAM-approach in pedagogy of childhood” on the basis of BSPU were held. Also Association and STEM-ambassadors supported the annual summer camps for teachers: “Teachers for teachers” (5-9 August 2019), the methodological camp for teachers in Olhovka (1-7 July 2019).

On the 23rd – 24th of March educational hackathon EduTHON with the support of the Association “Education for Future” and a company PandaDoc took place in Minsk. It united teachers, IT-specialists and just those who concerned with a topic of modern education and who would like to bring positive changes in education. Through the work of the hackathon teachers were able to work together with IT-professionals on joint educational projects and get advice. The best projects got start-up financial support.

We thank our partners, colleagues, volunteers, and all caring people for help and support!

See the previous annual report (2018).