Educational Robotics Cup

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The strongest ... the fastest ... the smartest ... The time comes to find out who they are - in a new season of the “Educational Robotics Cup” (KOR)! On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Educational Robotics Cup, we are pleased to inform everyone that we are launching a new season of the popular robotics competitions!

The Educational Robotics Cup is ...

  • tournaments in different cities of Belarus - the participants will be able not only to show their skills in educational robotics, but also to get to know the country better.
  • seven competitive categories corresponding to the directions of international robotics competitions: Roborace, Line Following, Big Advantage, Mini Sumo, WRO Football, Maze solving, Programmable Drones.
  • competition of teams with a permanent composition in the selected categories: from stage to stage, players gain points and can claim victory in the overall score.
  • open competition: anyone can become a participant, regardless of age, citizenship, place of residence and level of training.

You can find out more detailed information about the principles of the Educational Robotics Cup from the official Regulations on the website of the robot tournament: Participation in the Educational Robotics Cup is free.

It is planned that the second season of the Educational Robotics Cup 2020/2021 will include 8 independent tournaments in Pinsk, Gomel, Borisov, Vitebsk, Brest, Bobruisk and Minsk, but the final decision on the stages will be made depending on the epidemiological situation.  At the moment, the dates of the first two stages have been agreed, which will take place in 2020:

  • October 31, 2020 - stage in Brest. The program of the event will include competitions in all seven Cup’s categories, as well as entertaining master classes.
  • December 4, 2020 - stage in Minsk.  Within the framework of the Minsk regional robotics competition “The Road to the Future”, three Cup’s categories will be presented: “Line Following”, “Roborace” and “Big Advantage”, as well as master classes on “Programmable Drones" and the passage of the maze with a robot mouse ("Maze solving"). The venue will be announced later.

You can familiarize yourself with the new regulations of the Cup on the website of the robot tournament in the section “Categories and regulations”.

The technical and methodological organization of the Cup is carried out by the Information and Practical Institution “Center for Technological Support of Education “Integrator”.

Online registration of teams for the first stage of the competition, which will be held in Brest on October 31, is open. Go to the site, choose the category you are interested in and join!