On the 5th of March 2019 a STEM-center in Brest Secondary School No. 13 has been opened. This is the first center with the status of "junior", i.e. it is created for the youngest pupils of the school!

STEM-center on the basis of secondary school No. 13 has become a reality thanks to the sponsorship of WorkFusion company. Moreover, the company employees personally supported children and teachers of the school, preparing for high school students a vocational guidance section "Acquaintance with new technologies, industries, and professions in IT-sphere".  At the meeting WorkFusion representatives told  schoolchildren about the specifics of working in IT-industry and what skills they should develop to become an IT-specialist. Also, teens have known a lot about WorkFusion and its specialization.

On the opening ceremony day the State Educational Institution "Brest Secondary School No. 13" became a platform, where teachers and schoolchildren, representatives of regional, city and district administrations, robot technicians from Brest State Technical University, employees of WorkFusion and representatives of the Association "Education for Future" brought together.

The STEM-center in the Secondary School No. 13 has a social character. Children from a social shelter, children from foster homes, large or needy families will study there for free. Regardless of which life difficulties these children had to face, high-quality and interesting learning can help them to believe in themselves, to get a good high education and acquire a good profession in future.

The peculiarity of the Junior STEM-center is such that primary school children can study robotics and programming there. Primary school pupils in the Brest Secondary School No. 13 have already studied programming on Scratch, and now the kids need a good equipment and robotics sets more than ever before. For studying in the Brest STEM-center groups of pupils have already been formed in such disciplines as "SCRATCH Programming" and "First steps in educational robotics". Pilot lessons in the Junior STEM-center began from the 11th of February. Now more than 50 children from 6 to 12 years old are studying in the Junior STEM-center. At the opening ceremony schoolchildren were able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they had already gained during their lessons.

The Association "Education for Future" thanks all those who have participated in the STEM-center opening ceremony and supported the children of Brest Secondary School No. 13.