At the very beginning of the school year the Association «Education for the Future» and «EasyBrain» company have opened a STEM-center based on the Secondary School No. 3 in Baranovichy.

Now talented children of this gymnasium will be able to do robotics, programming, 3D-modeling, and also develop other high-tech skills that will be useful in the future. Children“s «fiery» eyes at the opening ceremony of the STEM-center gave evidence of the fact that children really need it.  And some of the schoolchildren have even begun to dream that in the future they will choose robotics as their profession!

The uniqueness of this class is that the STEM-center has its own theme, which defines class design — the Cosmos. Such a topic has been chosen because there is an observatory in the gymnasium No. 3, which is not yet functioning, but there are plans to restore it and to include it in the teaching process.  Children in the Baranovichi gymnasium, thus, will be able to create projects related to the Cosmos - and, perhaps, tomorrow, they will program their first model of Mars rover!

The STEM-center at the Baranovichi gymnasium No. 3 would not have appeared without help of the “Easybrain” company - a HTP resident, which fully sponsored its creation.

The STEM-class in Baranovichi is yet the second STEM-class that has been opened by the association “Education for the Future” together with “Easybrain”.  The association is very grateful to Oleg Grishevich — the company “Easybrain” director — for his personal attendance at the STEM-center opening ceremony. That certainly inspired the children!

The author of the text: Margarita Rovbo.