The eighth of ten competitive STEM-centers has opened on December 10, 2019 at the State Educational Institution “Dzerzhinsk Gymnasium”. MSQRD co-founder Sergey Gonchar has sponsored the creation of a modern and technological class, and the educational project “Adukar” has taken part in creating of STEAM-center design.

Students of Dzerzhinsk Gymnasium received their own STEAM center in accordance with the results of the competition “I want to study in STEM-class!”. The grand opening of the center was attended by many guests: representatives of Dzerzhinsk district executive committee, Association “Education for Future”, “Teacher for Belarus” program, and Adukar IT school. The guests spoke to teachers and students of the Gymnasium, motivating them to save and use their energy and enthusiasm productively, and also presented gifts to the Gymnasium.

 Even before the opening of the STEAM-center, teachers and children of Dzerzhinsk Gymnasium successfully adopted the STEM approach in educational practice. Their achievements – various STEAM-projects – they showed during the opening day of the center.


Text: Margarita Rovbo
Photo: Association "Education for Future",