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Since its founding Association “Education for Future” undertakes activities for teachers. The Association “Education for Future” organizes various events for school teachers, creates a supportive environment for exploring effective teaching practices and sharing educational experience.


In May 2017 by the Association “Education the future” a two-day strategic session for active school teachers, who are trying to improve educational process in their schools, was organized. 23 teachers from different cities of Belarus were participants of the camp.


The Association “Education for future” is organizer/co-organizer of many forums and conferences for teachers. Speakers at conferences are often not only Belarusian professionals, but also well-known international experts in the field of education and child psychology (Mitchell Resnick, Fredrik Hakansson, Laine Belovas, Lyudmila Petranovskaya, Roksolana Levitskaya and many others).

On the Association's initiative several panel discussions were held on the topics important for contemporary Belarusian education: “STEM education: understanding, practices, ideas” (November 15, 2018), “What computer science is needed for today's Belarus?” (November 29, 2018), “The problems and prospects of private school education in Belarus” (November 29, 2018).

An important topic of many conferences and forums is the concept of STEM-approach to education and its practical implementation. Among them – “The first scientific and technical STEM forum for teachers” (September 30, 2017), round-table conference “Actual problems of STEM education” (November 15, 2018), and others.

Several times a year the Association “Education for Future” organizes conferences “ProSTEM” for teachers and school administration in various regional institutions of secondary education. The purpose of regional conferences “ProSTEM” – to spread of advanced pedagogical experience in techniques of effective implementation of STEM in school among teachers, methodologists and administration of educational institutions.


With the support of the Association “Education for Future” meetings are held for progressive enthusiastic teachers aimed at exchanging of experience in STEM and career guidance practices, as well as in various additional school disciplines (Scratch, robotics, etc.).

Due to meetings of “EduStory” series and others Belarusian teachers are able to learn more about features of foreign education systems from their colleagues participating in educational trips, and discuss the pros and cons of the world educational practices.


The “IT-Vacation” project for teachers is aimed at introducing teachers and representatives of school administration to the real features of working in IT-field. During “IT-Vacation” groups of teachers visit IT companies' offices, communicate with employees in IT-field, ask them questions. Thus, a communication platform is created for dialogue between a school and IT-field, and teachers can understand how to more effectively guide schoolchildren interested in information technologies to success. The first IT-vacation for teachers was held in December 2018.


“EduTHON” is a real creative laboratory, where professionals from education and IT fields come together to exchange ideas, unite by interests, find a common language and make a minimal work product. It can be a thoughtful proposal to solve a problem in the field of education or a technical educational product (mobile application, web service). The first educational hackathon EduTHON was held March 23-24, 2018 at the office of PandaDoc.

If you are already interested in any format of events and would like to participate in something similar or you have your own interesting idea of new activities for teachers – do not be shy and write to us by e-mail . We consider your wishes and suggestions!